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How can the Rolex explorers be less

The magic of the swiss replica watches underwater world, distant unknown space, although full of exploration of fun, but if not well prepared, is likely to occur unpredictable danger. At replica watch this point, a reliable explorer-style watch not only allows you to know the time, can help you successfully complete the wonderful journey, and this source of security, in addition to the watch itself, some waterproof performance, but also Reflected in other functions. Today, the editor led everyone into the uk replica watches explorer watch. (Official model: 214270-77200) Stainless steel strap with you swim snorkeling This watch strap is made of Oyster-style stainless steel, allowing you to turn your wrist flexibly under water, whether you move your arm or operate your instrument. Snorkeling, the watch needs to be tightly fixed on the wrist, and this watch strap with three rows of links, Oyster insurance discount with 5 mm easy to adjust the chain extension system to dispel the dive when you dive Watch off the concerns. Many watches are equipped with a metal strap, but the chemical composition of the water will cause a slight corrosion, and this watch is also taken into account this point, the use of better waterproof and corrosion resistance 904L stainless steel strap, Play a good choice when wearing water. If you ask a watch where the most vulnerable parts of the water? The answer is no doubt that the crown, because the crown is the most vulnerable part of China Unicom and movement. In order to prevent the water through the crown into the movement, which watch the watchmaker who use the research into the screw-in crown design, the crown with screw-in double lock double waterproof system, 100 meters of water depth in the crown was Tighten, the water will be strictly isolated from the watch, so that the connection is more excellent waterproof function; crown on the loop thread, so that underwater operation more anti-skid and convenience. If the precision of a watch is the movement, then the movement lies lies in the hairspring. Gossamer is the most magical component inside the movement, it is like a miniature spiral plane spring, which determines the balance wheel frequency and regularity, and then determine the timing accuracy of the entire watch. Some people called the gossamer is "Balance-Spring", also known as "Hairspring", as the name suggests it is like a thin spring shoes to make the balance wheel around the law of the soul of the swing. This watch Rolex produced the movement to provide 48 hours of maximum power reserve, paramagnetic blue Parachrom gossamer from the material, thickness, or its length, flexibility determines the accuracy of this watch time. Balance wheel with high-performance Paraflex cushioning device, which is another major highlight of the movement, but also your leisure time appreciate the rock climbing a good assistant. Through the scratch-resistant blue crystal glass surface of the mirror, three, six, nine o'clock time scale with a clear Arabic numerals marked, twelve o'clock when the standard and inverted triangle shape, the rest of the time scale for the Nail number, change the scale of the scale is not seem messy, but to highlight the unique charm of Rolex. Significant Mercedes-Benz label and brand LOGO clearly visible, the outer ring case color also showed black and white and white effect, which may mean that Rolex in the infinite space gradually in-depth exploration of the spirit. Stainless steel round case around the dial, to the adventurer to add a little fearless distance, a straight fight before the wind. Luminous display dial Summary: Rolex explorer series 214270-77200 watch to solemn, practical, not flashy style popular with popular people, at present, its domestic public price of 51100 yuan. In the adventure circle, it will be your own high degree of precision and high durability to become your adventure partner; in the watch circle, it still does not live up to Rolex lovers a "labor" eternal expectations. If you spicy love adventure, the wrist must be less Rolex Explorer Oh

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